Orcas Island Trail Rides is a family owned and operated business with roots in southern New Mexico. Head wrangler and owner Robert began training and breaking horses as a teenager. Robert tells a story about a friend of his dads who would call up and ask if Robert could come ride a new bronc he just purchased. Robert would soon be on the back of a buckin, snortin, kickin, bronc! Pretty soon the bronc would be running around the corral with Robert still on his back! His brag has always been: I never got bucked off!

Orcas Island Trail Rides - Horse back riding Orcas Island Trail Rides - Horse back riding
Robert's wife Jo also grew up with a love of horses. Jos grandparents owned cattle ranches in New Mexico and Oklahoma. As a child and growing up, much of her time was spent on these ranches.

Robert and Jo also trained their four daughters to ride horses as they were growing up. Now on Orcas Island, they offer a memorable time for those who would like to join them in their favorite pastime. Daughters Ginger, Melissa, and Cassie get the horses ready for rides and ride lead horse at times.
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